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54 Reasons to visit us at the Foam Expo

54 Reasons Why Monmouth Rubber Will Help Improve Your Products And Your Bottom Line.

During each of our 54 years we learned something new or how to do something better from working with our customers one on one.

We cataloged all of this information in our technical support library.

It is filled with 54 years of solutions to customer problems.

Customer driven with solutions that what we have done, still do and will do for you.

Our problem solving ideas scan the world. Our solutions are put into practice here in the USA.

So here is the 54 dollar question: try us out with an idea, problem or any wild thought and see how we do for you.

Only one reason for us: solving customer problems

54 reasons that make it work for you.

Team Monmouth Rubber & Plastics - visit us at Foam Expo 2018

Visit us at Foam ExpoBooth 928 – Want to set up a meeting with us at Foam Expo? Call Call 1-888-362-6888 Ext 13 – Jenna Stevens.

March 6 – 8, 2018
Novi, Michigan, USA

Learn about application development, material requirements and testing best practices from the industry experts at Monmouth Rubber & Plastics, and find out how these solutions could be transferred to your technical applications.


About Foam Expo

By Jamie Reid
Event Director

Foam Expo - official trade show brochure

Reprinted excerpt from Foam Expo Show Preview Brochure.

Being held March 6-8 in Novi, MI, Foam Expo is a free-to-visit event. I invite you to meet colleagues from North America, Europe and Asia who share an interest in – and are leading the development and marketing of – the latest innovations in advanced and technical foam materials and products.

Foam Expo offers you direct contact with the engineers and executives who produce materials and products used in automotive, aerospace, construction, medical, packaging, and sports and leisure. You’ll see exhibitions of materials and products that set new standards across a wide range of applications. Our aim is to give the technical foams industry the stage it truly deserves. If you are involved in the purchasing, integration, manufacture or supply of materials, products or equipment, you can be certain that your suppliers, customers, competitors and peers will all be at the show!

UL Listed: UL 50; UL 157; and UL 508 have been UL Listed for Monmouth Rubber & Plastics

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics has received UL listing for its full series of Neoprene/EPDM OK Series under UL listing #JMLU2 MH10200. The listing covers Durafoam™ DK1111LD, DK2121MD, DK3131MD, DK4141HD, and DK5151HD.

UL Listed: UL 50; UL 157; and UL 508 - Monmouth Rubber & PlasticsMonmouth Rubber’s General Manager and Technical Director, John M. Bonforte, Sr. states: “The full range for all 5 hardnesses to ASTM compression deflection will allow gasket cutters and fabricators to offer a complete range of closed cell solutions to customer needs. The Durafoam DK Series, we believe, is the only material to have a UL listing that covers all 5 ASTM hardnesses for UL 50 – Standard for safety for enclosures for electrical equipment; UL 157 – Standard for safety for gaskets and seals; UL 508 -Standard for safety for industrial control equipment, and UL 94 – Standard for safety for test for flammability of plastic materials; giving the design engineer broad latitude in gasket applications.”

The Durafoam OK Series is the proprietary technology of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics for its kinetically grafted blends. The Durafoam DK Series also carries the full UL 94 HF1 listing for flame; and therefore offers the fabricator a one-stop shop for flame resistance, ozone resistance, and oil resistance at a competitive price. The Durafoam DK Series is available in buns, sheets, rolls, and tape. Monmouth Rubber’s products are available at strategic locations worldwide.

Samples and additional technical information are available by contacting John M. Bonforte, Sr. General Manager and Technical Director, Phone: 800-375-1960 Ext. 112, Email: John Sr.

Monmouth Rubber donates Rubber Mats to PAL Boxing Club

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics donated Rubber Mats worth $3,000 to Long Branch NJ Police Department PAL Boxing Club.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics frequently donated Rubber and Plastic products for the town, such as padding for the vehicles for the police dogs” stated John Bonforte Sr., GM of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics, in Long Branch NJ.

Monmouth Rubber donates $3000 to Long Branch NJ Police Department PAL Club.

The History of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp., a family run business in NJ.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp. is a privately held corporation. The company was established in 1964 as Monmouth Rubber Corp. In 1995 it changed its “doing business as” name to Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

The company was founded in 1964 by John Bonforte Sr. The final phase of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corporation’s family business succession plan was completed January 1, 2010 with John M. Bonforte Jr’s assumption of the roles of president and COO of the sponge rubber and plastic foam manufacturer.

Between 1964 and 1968, the company operated as a fabricator of cellular rubber and plastic materials initially drawing on the background of John M. Bonforte Sr. who started his business career in 1961 with Rubatex Corp., Bedford, VA. John M. Bonforte Sr. held various positions in sales, marketing, and product development at Rubatex® .

John M. Bonforte, Sr. General Manager and Technical Director,

Phone: 800-375-1960 Ext. 112,

Email John Sr.


Epichlorohydrin Sponge Rubber Now Available from Monmouth Rubber

Epichlorohydrin Sponge Rubber (EHC)

After extensive lab and production testing, we’re pleased to meet growing customer demand by offering epichlorohydrin sponge rubber in not just one, but all five ASTM 1056 hardnesses.

Epichlorohydrin Sponge Rubber is increasingly popular with auto makers, because of its resistance to biofuels (as well as to oil contact), along with its ability to perform well under continuous temperatures of 300 degrees F.

ECH sponge rubber also provides good resistance to weather, ozone, sunlight and oxidation.

  • Non-automotive applications include:
  • Oil field specialties
  • Diaphragms
  • Pump and valve parts
  • Vibration isolators
  • Paper mill and printing rolls
  • Power and conveyor belting

Companies no longer able to offer EHC

With so many other companies no longer able to offer epichlorohydrin sponge, Monmouth Rubber sought the opportunity to exceed customer expectations: We not only provide all five hardnesses of ECH but also offer customized bun sizing to help customers maximize their production operations.

Free Samples & Tech Support. Call 1-888-362-6888.

Rubber Samples - Free - Monmouth Rubber & Plastics


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