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UL Listed: UL 50; UL 157; and UL 508 have been UL Listed for Monmouth Rubber & Plastics

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics has received UL listing for its full series of Neoprene/EPDM OK Series under UL listing #JMLU2 MH10200. The listing covers Durafoam™ DK1111LD, DK2121MD, DK3131MD, DK4141HD, and DK5151HD.

UL Listed: UL 50; UL 157; and UL 508 - Monmouth Rubber & PlasticsMonmouth Rubber’s General Manager and Technical Director, John M. Bonforte, Sr. states: “The full range for all 5 hardnesses to ASTM compression deflection will allow gasket cutters and fabricators to offer a complete range of closed cell solutions to customer needs. The Durafoam DK Series, we believe, is the only material to have a UL listing that covers all 5 ASTM hardnesses for UL 50 – Standard for safety for enclosures for electrical equipment; UL 157 – Standard for safety for gaskets and seals; UL 508 -Standard for safety for industrial control equipment, and UL 94 – Standard for safety for test for flammability of plastic materials; giving the design engineer broad latitude in gasket applications.”

The Durafoam OK Series is the proprietary technology of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics for its kinetically grafted blends. The Durafoam DK Series also carries the full UL 94 HF1 listing for flame; and therefore offers the fabricator a one-stop shop for flame resistance, ozone resistance, and oil resistance at a competitive price. The Durafoam DK Series is available in buns, sheets, rolls, and tape. Monmouth Rubber’s products are available at strategic locations worldwide.

Samples and additional technical information are available by contacting John M. Bonforte, Sr. General Manager and Technical Director, Phone: 800-375-1960 Ext. 112, Email: John Sr.