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2 different listings in UL –  please explain to me in detail the difference between JMLU2 & JMST2?


JMLU2 is the generic category (for material properties) while JMST2 is for a specific application.

Gaskets & Seals (JMLU2)

This is the main gasket and seal category that covers elastomeric and composite gasket materials in various forms including “O” rings, seals, shaft seals, flexible cellular gaskets, facings, sheet materials, special forms and poured-in-place gaskets. All materials are investigated with respect to properties including tensile strength, elongation, compression set, tensile set, hardness, low temperature, and the retention of these properties after accelerated aging and exposure to various environments.

This category is designed to provide a profile of the material properties.

These properties help product designers and engineers find materials that meet their requirements and comply with safety standards associated with their products. Materials may also be evaluated to specific end-product standard requirements as requested.

Gasket Materials (JMST2)

This category covers elastomeric materials supplied in sheet form or as formed or cut gaskets. These gaskets are evaluated for use in specific end-product applications.

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