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NEMA Electrical Enclosure Gaskets

Custom Enclosure Gasket Materials Manufacturing and technical support.


Electrical Enclosures, NEMA Enclosures, UL 50 Enclosures, IP Enclosures, EMI Enclosures, Battery Enclosures, Plastic Enclosures and Housing.


Electrical Enclosure Gaskets

Electrical enclosure gasket often refers to the front panel gasket, enclosure door gasket, access panel gasket, gland plate gasket or even a connector gasket. Electrical enclosure gaskets have important considerations if the enclosure gasket needs to meet UL Gasket UL 50, UL 50E, NEMA, or IEC IP.

When planning to have gasket materials manufactured to meet specifications the following points should be considered:

  1. Protection for the enclosure gasket – the flange on the door protects the gasket from a direct pressure blast and will diffuse the force and greatly improve the chances of passing wash down testing.
  2. Door latching is the key to passing a NEMA, IP or UL gasket tests and must have the correct  means of compressing the gasket into place.
  3. The correct material composition and properties will ensure the appropriate gasket material passes tests and is the proper type required for the enclosure.
  4. The gasket rebound or resistance to taking a compression set is critical, on door gaskets that are being unseated regularly.
  5. Service Life – the longevity of an enclosure gasket depends on how the material is being used, chemicals and mechanical wear, and the amount of exposure to UV, ozone, temperature all affect longevity and service life.


NEMA Enclosure Types

The purpose of this document is to provide general information on the definitions of NEMA Enclosure Types to architects, engineers, installers, inspectors and other interested parties. [For more detailed and complete information, NEMA Standards
Publication 250-2003, “Enclosures for Electrical Equipment (1000 Volts Maximum)” should be consulted. This Standards Publication as well as all other NEMA publications are available from IHS @ 800 854-7179 or]

NEMA Enclosure Types – click to view PDF

Enclosure Gasket Materials
are used for making:

Enclosure Gaskets
Custom Foam Gaskets
Vibration Dampening Pads
EMI Gaskets
Gasket Tape
Custom Gasket Strips
Adhesive Backed Gaskets
Touch Screen Gaskets
Connector Gaskets
Foam Chamber Port Plugs
Thermal Gap Filler Pads
Custom Conductive Gaskets
Heat Press Pads
Elastomeric Gaskets
Silicone Gaskets
Silicone Pads

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics provides NEMA Electrical Enclosure Gasket Raw Materials to Fabricators, GFR’s, Gasket Cutters, Fabricators and Resellers worldwide.  

We do not compete with customers. We make the raw materials and also provide provide free tech support for our customers and their OEM customers.

We constantly strive to improve products and services that meet our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

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