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The new Corporate Brochure for Monmouth Rubber & Plastics has been released.

The new Corporate Brochure for Monmouth Rubber & Plastics has been released.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics has been a U.S. Manufacturer of Durafoam™ closed cell sponge rubber and plastic foam materials for more than 50 years. Monmouth also manufactures Airaflex™ open cell sponge rubber & plastic foam; Duraflex™ solid rubber and plastic sheeting; and Bondaflex™, which is a material made from recycled rubber & plastic composites.

Our 50 year history in rubber and plastics manufacturing provides vital stability in a constantly changing rubber industry. Companies know they can rely on Monmouth Rubber & Plastics.

All our rubber and plastics materials are sold in partnership with gasket cutters, fabricators, and resellers worldwide.

Read and download or corporate brochure:

New Monmouth Rubber & Plastics corporate brochure

New Monmouth Rubber & Plastics corporate brochure

New Jersey Blind Citizens Association receives donation from Monmouth Rubber & Plastics

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics donated $500 to the New Jersey Blind Citizens Association to demonstrate its deep commitment to the work of NJBCA for its expansion of its Eye Center services and program.

The mission of NJBCA is to enhance the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired through education, socialization, and fostering an environment of hope and purpose.

Through programs and services for the blind, visually impaired and those with deteriorating vision, the New Jersey Blind Citizens Association unlocks opportunities and opens doors for growth, happiness and new experiences. With the help of our donors, volunteers, and other supporters, their participants gain independence and confidence to lead healthy, self-sufficient, and productive lives.

New Jersey Blind Citizens Association is located in Leonardo, New Jersey.


Monmouth Rubber & Plastics donated $500 to the New Jersey Blind Citizens Association to demonstrate its deep commitment to the work of NJBCA for its expansion of its Eye Center services and program.

911 Fireman Hats Presentation at Long Branch NJ City Hall

NY Fire Department 911 Commemorative Hats presented to the Long Branch NJ Fire and Police Departments by John Bonforte, Sr. of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics.

(Long Branch, NJ) On August 23, 2016, Monmouth Rubber & Plastics donated NY Fire Department 911 Commemorative Hats to the Long Branch Fire Department and Police Departments at Long Branch City Hall.

The NY Fire Department 911 Commemorative Hats were purchased from “Wall of Remembrance” by Monmouth Rubber & Plastics in honor of Francis “Tiny” Hayes who had 50 years of service with the Long Branch Fire Department.  The “Wall of Remembrance” Park is located in Brooklyn NY and stands as a graceful and beautiful tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th, 2001.

The presentation was made to Ron Guidetti, Long Branch Fire Chief; Kevin Hayes, Director of Building and Development, Fire Marshal; and Jason Roebuck, Director of Public Safety. The hats were presented by John Bonforte Jr., John Bonforte Sr. and Jo Ann Buonomo of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics.

John Bonforte Jr., President and COO said, “Francis “Tiny” Hayes, gave 50 years of his life for us and who along with many others put their lives on the line to serve and protect us; and if need be, the ultimate sacrifice so that we all would have a better opportunity to enjoy and prosper in the many freedoms and liberties that we all have and enjoy today.” “They are not gone they live on and this small token is appreciation for what all those unsung heroes have done” said Jo Ann Buonomo, Office Manager.

Firefighters and police are protecting us 24 hours a day 365 days a year and support all the liberties we sometimes forget about or take for granted until an event takes place in our life that requires the help of

Fire fighters and police department. John Bonforte Sr., Technical Support and GM stated, “We wanted to honor Tiny Hayes and those who served before him and how we currently would like to connect his memory on a local level so young people can relate to his story. The hats are really about people and making connection from the past to present for young people today and future generations“.

(PHOTO: Left to right)

  1. Kevin Hayes, Long Branch Director of Building and Development, Fire Marshal
  2. Ron Guidetti, Long Branch Fire Chief
  3. John Bonforte Sr., Monmouth Rubber & Plastics, Tech support & GM
  4.  Jo Ann Buonomo, Monmouth Rubber & Plastics, Office Manager
  5.  Craig Spencer, Lieutenant, Long Branch Police Department
  6. John Bonforte Jr., Monmouth Rubber & Plastics, President & COO
911 Fireman Hats: NY Fire Department 911 Commemorative Hats

NY Fire Department 911 Commemorative Hats

New Look Same Quality, Value and Service

At Monmouth Rubber & Plastics our customers are always our top priority, said John Bonforte Jr. President and COO.

So we are excited to announce our new website, please visit it. The site is a resource that will add value to your business operation

Here are some items you will find on the site.

Our Products

We have several top-of-the-line brands, including Durafoam™, Airaflex™, Duraflex™, and Bondaflex™, Our Buns, Sheets, Rolls, and Foam Tape  have stood the test of time for 50 plus years and are used around the world.

Our Support

Not only are we an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer with industry leading support – we also have free tech support with John Sr., available at, All decisions that affect your business are made 100% in-house. We’re a big business with that small business feel.

Our Winning Smile

Since 1964, we have been here for you, with family values that make us more than just a manufacturing company – we apply our family values to our relations with our employees, suppliers and most importantly with you our customer.

So check out our new website, view our current products and services, and let’s continue to be your partner in the rubber and plastics industry. You helped us build this business, and we built this business for you. Have any questions or needs? Ready to order? Want to let us know what you think? Contact us today.




INT’L PHONE: (732) 229-3444
TOLL FREE: (888) 362-6888

Family run business: Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

Family run business: Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.


John M. Bonforte Sr. and John Bonforte Jr. hold a certificate at the Gasket Fabricators Association’s Gasketing and Converting Expo, held recently in Orlando, Fla.

Founder: John M. Bonforte Sr.

Headquarters: Long Branch, N.J.

Number of employees: 53.

Key family members active in the company: John M. Bonforte Jr., president, chief operating officer.

What it does: Monmouth Rubber & Plastics is a U.S. manufacturer of closed cell sponge rubber and plastic foam.

Markets served: Automotive, medical, sports, construction, electrical, miscellaneous industrial.

Number of generations involved in the business:Two.

What are the strengths of a family owned business? Family values. Our family values guide us in our business operations: How we treat each other, our employees and our customers. We bring to work the Bonforte family values and apply them to all aspects of our business.

What are the challenges of a family owned business? John Jr. is our succession plan. He now owns Monmouth Rubber & Plastics. He grew up in the business. After college, he worked for GE Plastics, learned the realities of the world, and then he came back ready to assume his current role. His having complete ownership resolves many possible issues. I advise; he decides.

Do non-family members hold any executive or ownership roles? Joann Buonomo is the office manager (who has) 42 years with Monmouth. Putting family values to the front is important. All issues are worked out just fine.

How much does the younger generation influence decisions? All four of my children and many of my grandchildren do and have worked at various tasks in the company. They bring vitality and a fresh approach, which helps us to stay focused on the people aspects of business.

Something you might not know about the company: When Monmouth started, there were 13 companies that manufactured closed cell sponge rubber buns. When I said I was going to go into manufacturing the above products, many said I was crazy. They said, “All 13 companies are struggling with quality, etc.” My answer was, “You can be crazy and still have a good idea.’ Today there are three of us left in the U.S. We are doing just fine.”

What advice would you offer a young entrepreneur who wants to start a family run business? Follow your dreams. Stick to it. If you feel it in your heart, run with it. Don’t give up. Be prepared to dream in the sky with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

And another thing: As a U.S. manufacturer of closed cell buns, Monmouth offers all the things that the government is trying to do to bring business back. The firm believes its business model works, products proudly made in the U.S.


A Super Design – Chrysler tail light gaskets improved with cellular NORDEL

Rear lamp tail light housings on Chrysler’s 1981 K car sedans originally were sealed to the body sheet metal with laminated, composite gaskets made of two polymeric plastic foams.

One material was chosen for its conformability to sheet metal, and the other for its compatibility with the ABS plastic lamp housing. Unfortunately, a moisture infiltration problem developed and another look had to be taken at the gasket design by Chrysler’s exterior lighting specialists. Their solution? A single component, low density cellular elastomeric gasket.

Rear lamp housings on Chrysler’s 1981 K carIn 1974, Monmouth commercialized the world’s first 100% EPDM, low density,closed cell sponge. Proprietary Durafoam technology allowed Monmouth to produce C191XLDS in densities as low as to 2.0 pounds per cubic foot. One outstanding, commercially successful application for this technology was as a sealing gasket for all Chrysler tail light lamps. In 1979, Monmouth was successful in having Durafoam C191XLDS introduced at Chrysler as the only approved source under MSAY 527 A, B, & C.

Durafoam C191XLDS (100% EPDM) solved a major leakage problem Chrysler had on its “K” cars. Durafoam C191XLDS, with its attributes of softness, conformity and 100% closed cell rubber structure, allowed for foolproof sealing of Chrysler’s tail lamp gaskets. Monmouth was recognized by Dupont on its literature for this significant achievement and problem solving technology.

The redesigned tail light seal, used in early May on all Plymouth Reliant and Dodge Aries sedans, is made of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Durafoam 100% EDPM. The material, based on DuPont’s NORDEL hydrocarbon rubber, not only provides a superior seal by virtue of its exceptionally low density and uniform load deflection, but also is less expensive than alternative composite or molded gasket designs.

The Durafoam taillight gasket is supplied as a die-cut part with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side ready for attachment to the body sheet metal. With a density of only 64mg/cm3 (4 lb./cu. ft.), the soft sponge rubber seal “forgives” dimensional tolerances and minor surface variations between the lamp housing and body. The heat resistance of NORDEL carries the gasketing safely through the paint bake oven in the factory and its closed cell structure effectively excludes water and weather from the lamp interior on the road. Monmouth Rubber also supplies Durafoam gasketing of NORDEL, per Chrysler specifications, for several other body and chassis seals on the 1981 K cars. Familiarity with the product in these earlier successful applications, we assume, gave the designers some confidence in trying it for its latest use.

In any event, a Chrysler engineer who participated in the redesign of the tail light seal told us, “It’s early to make an unqualified evaluation, but I feel this new gasket is doing a super job for us.