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Epichlorohydrin Sponge Rubber (EHC)

After extensive lab and production testing, we’re pleased to meet growing customer demand by offering epichlorohydrin sponge rubber in not just one, but all five ASTM 1056 hardnesses.

Epichlorohydrin Sponge Rubber is increasingly popular with auto makers, because of its resistance to biofuels (as well as to oil contact), along with its ability to perform well under continuous temperatures of 300 degrees F.

ECH sponge rubber also provides good resistance to weather, ozone, sunlight and oxidation.

  • Non-automotive applications include:
  • Oil field specialties
  • Diaphragms
  • Pump and valve parts
  • Vibration isolators
  • Paper mill and printing rolls
  • Power and conveyor belting

Companies no longer able to offer EHC

With so many other companies no longer able to offer epichlorohydrin sponge, Monmouth Rubber sought the opportunity to exceed customer expectations: We not only provide all five hardnesses of ECH but also offer customized bun sizing to help customers maximize their production operations.

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