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New Owner Takes Control of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corporation’s new owner succession plan

LONG BRANCH, NJ – The final phase of Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corporation’s succession plan was completed January 1 with John M. Bonforte Jr’s assumption of the roles of president and COO of the sponge rubber and plastic foam manufacturer.

Formerly Monmouth’s sales manager, Bonforte took over the company’s day-to-day operations in early 2010. He had begun his Monmouth career as a high school student, working the second shift after school and during summer breaks. Bonforte became the company’s sales manager in 2004, with responsibilities for sales, quality and customer service.

“A carefully devised and well-executed succession plan ensures the longevity of any company,” Bonforte said. “And longevity is a major key to corporate success.”

The change of ownership coincides with Monmouth’s increasing significantly its production capacity.

“Monmouth already is a leader in the manufacturing of closed cell sponge rubber and plastic foam. The increased capacity will further solidify Monmouth’s leadership position in the market,” Bonforte said.

Extensive technical expertise

“The other critical element in our continued success is our technical support,” company founder John M. Bonforte Sr. said. “As other closed cell sponge rubber and plastic foam manufacturers shut down, a significant need persists for the kind of extensive technical expertise and knowledge that only we have.

“Our technical support is second to none – and available to anyone with a serious interest in our industry,” said John Sr., who will remain with Monmouth as general manager and technical director.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics

Neoprene Sponge & Foam Manufacturer Stays True to Green Commitment, Does More With Less

LONG BRANCH, NJ – Long-time closed cell sponge rubber & plastic foam manufacturer & recycling proponent Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp. has taken the next step in its conservation efforts with the completion of a major expansion and upgrade at its Long Branch plant and headquarters.

The maker of Neoprene sponge & foam and other closed cell rubber and plastic materials also expects the efficiency improvements to benefit its customers through increased product quality and lower production costs.

The expansion included a new equipment line, consisting of state-of-the-art mixers and presses, along with data monitoring of all processes.

New electrical lighting throughout the facility will lower the company’s electric bills while improving visibility throughout the plant, which the company expects will increase worker morale and, subsequently, efficiency and quality.

“Monmouth is going state-of-the-art, with efficiency on a global scale,” company founder and General Manager John M. Bonforte Sr. said.

The Long Branch-based company undertook the project with assistance from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, which offers financial incentives for commercial, industrial, and government customers to integrate energy efficient and renewable technologies into new construction and upgrades.

The upgrade is a continuation of long-standing policies and practices at Monmouth Rubber & Plastics, Bonforte said, noting the company achieves 98% recycling of all waste materials produced at the Long Branch facility.

Emergency Demand Response Program

To further its role as a good steward of natural resources, the neoprene foam manufacturer also enrolled in an emergency demand response program, in which Monmouth Rubber & Plastics agrees to reduce its electric power consumption on demand during critical periods to help avoid local and regional power outages.

“Our participation in this program contributes to the overall protection of the power grid and helps avoid additional utility costs and lost revenues for all consumers & businesses in our community,” Bonforte said.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics is a leading manufacturer and distributor of closed cell sponge rubber and plastic foam products. Visit the company’s website to learn more about its green manufacturing practices as well as its recycled rubber products.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics