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The Joy of Rubber & Plastics

Written by John M. Bonforte, Sr.,
Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

The ‘Joy of Rubber & Plastics‘ is our 34-page educational booklet, containing definitions, practical advice and explanations concerning closed cell materials.


This book was written for all of us who grew up in a time when closed cell sponge rubber was a taboo subject. One which we dare not ask either our parents or grandparents to explain, let alone a sales manager. If you are like most people from our generation, you had to learn about closed cell sponge on the streets or in dark alleys. Even after we progressed into our respective business careers little, if any, information was available as to the basic facts of how closed cell sponge is made and used. This book is an attempt to bring this verboten subject out of the closet and perhaps maybe some day even into the classroom.

Chapter One will be a definition of terms. Before going into a brief description of what closed cell sponge is and how it is made, it is important that certain basic terms used in the industry are defined. Keep in mind when reading these definitions that they have often been misused and that you are probably accustomed to hearing them used in the wrong way. While your proper understanding of these terms is necessary, the most important point is that your technical communication with the factory be correct.


The ‘JOY OF RUBBER & PLASTICS’ is Free to read and download.