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What is required to know when I need a price on “sponge neoprene foam” and “neoprene sponge rubber foam sheets”?


The terms “neoprene sponge rubber sheets” and “neoprene foam sheets” cover a broad range of products. Neoprene was once the DuPont trade name. However now it is a generic term. The chemical name for neoprene is Polychloroprene. Either Neoprene or Polychloroprene can be used to specify the polymer. We will try to help refine what is actually required when a customer asks for “neoprene sponge rubber sheets” and “neoprene foam sheets.”

The following are some but not all details needed to decide what type of “neoprene sponge rubber sheets” and “neoprene foam sheets.”

1. What is the density in pounds per cubic foot?
2. What is the compression deflection?
3. Do you have a competitor’s stock number or a sample we can analyze?
4. Is it cellular or solid?
5. If it is cellular, is it open cell or closed cell?
6. Is there a special size sheet as it relates to length and width?
7. What is the thickness?
8. Are there special tolerances?
9. Is there a specification, such as ASTM, etc.?
10. What is the application?
11. What do you want the “neoprene sponge rubber sheets” to do?
12. What is the color?
13. Are there any other performance requirements not mentioned above?

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