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What are rubber sheets?

What are Rubber Sheets?


The term rubber sheets covers a broad range of products. We will try to help refine what is actually required when a customer asks for “Rubber Sheets”

The following are some but not all details needed to decide what type of rubber sheet is actually required.

1 What polymer (rubber) is required. Such as neoprene, natural rubber, EPDM, nitrile, etc.

2 Is it cellular or solid?

3 If it is cellular, is it open cell or closed cell?

4 Is there a special size sheet as it relates to length and width.

5 What is the thickness?

6 Is there a specification, such as ASTM, etc?

7 What is the application? What do you want the rubber to do?

8 What is the color?

9 Are there any other details not mentioned above.

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