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Monmouth Rubber Achieves Sustainability

98% of all waste generated by Monmouth Rubber is RECYCLED

With the beginning of a new year upon us Monmouth Rubber has made it a priority to focus on the sustainability of our facility as well as our manufacturing process. Through our innovative Bondaflex process that has been perfected over the last 50 years, Monmouth has effectively been able to eliminate the need for over 20 million pounds of organic industrial production in the form of oil and natural gas, as well as a multitude of chemicals used in the rubber industry.  We guarantee to take back 100% of the materials we supply, including skids, banding wire, stretch wrap, as well as the cellular and solid material that Monmouth makes and sells. This goes a long way to help you and your customers achieve sustainability as well.

President and COO, John Bonforte, Jr. states, “We are committed to continuous improvement to reduce our environmental impact, effectively reduce waste and energy use while still striving to increase productivity. We will continue to improve on our recycling program and look to add even more sustainable practices into our manufacturing processes.”

For more information please contact John M. Bonforte, Sr
Learn more here about Bondaflex™ our INDUSTRY-LEADING Controlled Particle Size Composites of Recycled Rubber & Plastic Material